Publishing/Hosting Action Research reports and findings - best practice?

Hello CARN members. I am looking for some best practice on the topic of publishing or hosting reports and findings from Action Research activity.

At the Educational Institute of Scotland we currently have a small Action Research programme which supports teachers in Scotland to conduct practitioner enquiry. As well as developing the competencies of the participants, we hope to use this programme to generate reports and findings which are of use to our wider membership and the work of EIS itself.

A challenge we run into is that Action Research methods, especially in the context of an organisation without academic infrastructure, does not consistently produce reports which can be published with the same framing as peer-reviewed academic research.

We are currently considering a model of 'quality assurance' based in framing research reports as a starting point, based in the small-context experience and practices of the researchers themselves, which can then be augmented by follow-up activity and reflections from other practitioners (especially EIS members). While I have a conceptual grasp of how this would work it would really help me to see how other organisations have done this (or anything similar) in practice!

If you can show me any examples of how you and your organisations achieve this please let me know. Equally if you have any advice which you have found valuable for this purpose please do pass it on.


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